Unisex Retro 80's Socks 3/4 MTB Socks

Step into a time machine and relive the raddest era with Crank Style's Retro 80's Socks 3/4 MTB Socks! These totally tubular unisex socks offer an unbeatable combination of comfort, softness, and breathability that will have you saying, "Gag me with a spoon; these socks are awesome!"

Crafted with our top-secret blend of yarns, these 200-needle knit crew socks feature a half-terry cushioned bottom, providing extra support and unparalleled comfort. Once you slip these babies on, you'll never want to take them off. In fact, you'll be tempted to stock up on every color and design available!

Our Retro 80's Socks are the epitome of versatility, fitting most feet with their one-size-fits-most design. Need a little extra room? No problem! They're even available in sizes up to 12 for our male customers (U.S. size). And with their exceptional stretch and long-lasting quality, these socks are ready to keep up with all your moves, whether you're adding flair to your daily grind or shredding the trails like a true champion.

Get ready to crank up your style and let your feet do the talking! Our Retro 80's Socks are made from a premium blend of 75% Spun Polyester, 22% Nylon, and 3% Elastane, ensuring a sock experience. So don't be square; grab a pair and join the fashion revolution!

Embrace the gnarly vibes and channel your inner 80's icon with Crank Style's Retro 80's Socks 3/4 MTB Socks. Trust us; your feet will thank you for it! What are you waiting for?

  One size
Total length, in 12.40
Width, in 3.35


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