Men’s Polygonal MTB Windbreaker

Ride in style and conquer the trails with our Men's Polygonal MTB Windbreaker! This lightweight marvel is designed to provide maximum comfort in any weather condition, whether on a windy day, a sudden rain shower, or even a sunny ride that calls for extra protection.

Made from 100% polyester, this windbreaker is the ultimate companion for mountain biking adventures. The fabric is incredibly lightweight, weighing just 2.21 oz/yd² (75 g/m²), ensuring you feel unrestricted and agile as you navigate the trails.

Don't let unpredictable weather dampen your spirit! Our windbreaker boasts water-resistant properties that shield you from raindrops, keeping you dry and focused on the ride ahead. And with its breathable mesh lining, you can say goodbye to annoying static and hello to a relaxed and comfortable experience.

Designed with both functionality and style in mind, this windbreaker effortlessly blends into any rider's wardrobe. Its sleek and versatile look allows you to pair it effortlessly with long or short sleeve shirts, ensuring you're prepared for any temperature or style preference.

Experience a perfect fit with the regular cut of our windbreaker. The elastic cuffs keep the sleeves in place, preventing interference with your biking movements. Plus, a hood and side pockets add convenience, providing extra protection and storage for your essentials.

Zip up and zip through the trails with ease! The zippable front closure allows for quick adjustments, so you can quickly adapt to changing weather conditions and regulate your body temperature.

Gear up and embrace the adventure with our Men's Polygonal MTB Windbreaker. Lightweight, water-resistant, and stylish, it's the ultimate companion for every mountain biking enthusiast. Don't let the elements hold you back—be ready for anything that comes your way!
Get yours today and experience the perfect blend of performance, comfort, and style on your next ride. It's time to take your mountain biking game to the next level!

Size guide

  CHEST (inches) LENGTH (inches) SLEEVE (inches)
XS 21 28 25 ½
S 22 28 ¾ 26
M 23 29 ½ 26 ¼
L 24 30 ¼ 26 ¾
XL 25 31 27
2XL 26 31 ¾ 27 ½
3XL 27 32 ½ 28

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