"Bike Chain" Wrapped Gallery Canvas


The Black & White with subtle texture "Bike Chain", Now you can Stylize your home or office with your love of Biking. Its an original piece of art that can jazz up any space. Perfect gift for the holidays.

The canvas has been the best medium or visual art for centuries and for good reason it's durable, affordable, and it holds the color and texture of our art better than anything else on planet Earth.
  • Durable: Our Canvas will not tear or rip. Canvas is extremely durable compared to paper print. 
  • Vibrant: The Colors & Texturing on Canvas art stand out and make for a bolder visual piece.
  • Raw: Canvas lets you focus on the power of the image you’ve chosen, not the inauthentic gloss sheen of paper.
  • Unique: The Three-dimensional structure of the canvas itself naturally draws the eye.
  • Light: Never damage your walls with heavy framing that adds nothing to the art.
  • Domestic: Our Canvas is built from the US- Source post-recycling material known as MDF. 

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